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Anionic Bioflocculant
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Anionic Bioflocculant-II

PropertyThis product similar to the process of Cationic Bioflocculant contains one or more negative ions, featuring strong charge neutralization ability and wide application range of pH, especially strong adsorption of heavy metal ions. The metal ion removal rate exceeds above 90%, and can reduce membrane clogging and scaling caused by metal ions during subsequent membrane treament stage and promot filtration. 

Specification: Appearence is colorless to light yellow clear solution with about 25% concentration, dynamic viscosity is above 30 000cps, average molecular weight is around 30 million, degree of hydrolysis is 20%-30%, pH is about 5, and is soluble in water. 

Application: This product is widely used in electroplating wastewater, steel production sewage etc, and also can be applied to treat source of drinking water, wastewater in mining industry, metallurgical industry, electronic industry etc, as well as for separating  and settling cationic PAM.

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